Welcome to Renton Community Church's Giving Page

Dec 24, 2017

About Renton Community Church

Renton Community Church is a vibrant and inclusive faith community located in the heart of Renton, dedicated to promoting love, compassion, and service. Our church offers a welcoming environment where individuals and families can deepen their faith, find support, and engage in meaningful community outreach projects.

The Importance of Giving

Giving is an essential aspect of our community. At Renton Community Church, we believe in the power of generosity and its ability to transform lives. Through giving, we create opportunities for positive change, address societal challenges, and support those in need.

Types of Giving Opportunities

1. Financial Giving

Financial contributions play a vital role in sustaining our ministries, programs, and community outreach initiatives. Your generosity enables us to provide resources, support, and spiritual guidance to our members and the wider community. Whether it's a one-time donation or recurring giving, every contribution makes a difference.

2. Time and Talent

Aside from financial giving, we recognize the value of everyone's time and unique skills. At Renton Community Church, we encourage individuals to volunteer their time and talents to serve others. From outreach activities, mentoring programs, to worship services, there are numerous opportunities to share your gifts and make a positive impact in our community.

3. In-Kind Donations

We also welcome in-kind donations such as food, clothing, and other essential items for those in need. These contributions directly assist individuals and families facing challenges, ensuring they have the necessary support to thrive.

The Impact of Your Giving

Your contributions enable Renton Community Church to implement programs and initiatives that positively impact our community and society at large. Here are some examples of how your giving can make a difference:

1. Community Outreach

Our church actively engages in outreach efforts to address social and economic disparities within our community. With your support, we can provide resources, educational programs, and support networks to help individuals and families thrive.

2. Youth and Family Programs

We believe in investing in the future generation. Through our youth and family programs, we provide a safe and nurturing environment for children and teenagers to grow spiritually, socially, and academically.

3. Local Partnerships

We collaborate with local organizations and nonprofits to amplify our impact. By pooling our resources and expertise, we can tackle complex issues such as poverty, hunger, and homelessness more effectively.

How to Get Involved

Getting involved in the giving opportunities at Renton Community Church is both simple and rewarding. Here's how you can contribute:

1. Financial Giving

You can make a secure online donation on our website or set up recurring giving to provide ongoing support.

2. Volunteer Your Time

Discover the various volunteer opportunities available and find a role that aligns with your interests and skills. Your time and talents are greatly appreciated.

3. Donate In-Kind Items

If you wish to contribute in-kind donations, please check our website for a list of needed items or contact our office for guidance.

4. Spread the Word

Help us raise awareness about our giving opportunities and the impactful work we do. Share our website, social media posts, and invite others to join our mission.


Renton Community Church is dedicated to promoting love, compassion, and service through our giving opportunities. Your support enables us to create a community where individuals and families can thrive and make a positive impact in Renton and beyond. Join us in our mission today!

Adam Labaff
🌟 Count me in! 🙌💙
Nov 8, 2023
aiko enriquez
I'm glad to have found a church that values compassion and service.
Jul 24, 2023
Isaac Keller
I'm grateful for the warm welcome I received when visiting this church.
Jul 15, 2023
Lynn Gertz
The commitment to being inclusive is exactly what I've been searching for in a church.
Jun 30, 2023
Clement Roissart
The welcoming environment here is incredibly inviting.
Jun 3, 2023
Christine Kujawa
I'm excited to learn more about how this church serves the Renton community.
Apr 8, 2023
April Wagner
The values promoted by this church align with what I hold dear. Excited to be a part of it.
Nov 2, 2022
Tony Mavrides
Grateful for the sense of community I feel at Renton Community Church.
Jul 18, 2022
Paul Lovell
I'm thankful for the opportunity to deepen my faith here.
Jun 16, 2022
Bridget Huzicka
The inclusive nature of this church is so refreshing. It's what drew me in.
Sep 5, 2021
Todd Zarotney
This church's dedication to service is truly admirable.
Aug 17, 2021
Maurizio Atzori
I appreciate the focus on love and compassion. It's important for a church to embody these values.
Aug 16, 2021
Agustin Alemany
Feeling blessed to have found such a welcoming faith community.
Feb 20, 2021
Charles Howard
The heart of Renton is lucky to have such a vibrant faith community.
Jan 11, 2021
Irina Camille
I'm eager to connect with others who share similar values and beliefs.
Dec 24, 2020
Judy Perry
Looking forward to being a part of this faith community.
Aug 10, 2020
Us A
This church seems like a great place to find support and belonging.
Apr 26, 2020
Stan Gusman
The dedication to promoting love and service is truly inspiring.
Jan 10, 2020
Steve Miller
🌟 Excited to see the positive impact this church has in Renton! 🌟
May 30, 2019
Arielle Kandel
Inclusivity and love - what more could we ask for in a faith community?
Jan 25, 2019
Jack Wu
Looking forward to contributing to the wonderful work this church does.
Jul 30, 2018
Russ Fuehring
Grateful to have discovered this wonderful faith community in Renton.
May 30, 2018
Peter Thorup
This sounds like a wonderful community. I'm looking forward to getting involved!
May 9, 2018