Fellowship Groups at Renton Community Church

Feb 11, 2022

Welcome to Renton Community Church's Fellowship Groups, where individuals from all walks of life come together to share in the joy of faith, forge lasting connections, and foster personal growth. Our diverse and inclusive community offers a range of Fellowship Groups tailored to the unique needs and interests of our members.

Building Authentic Connections

At Renton Community Church, we believe in the power of genuine connections. Our Fellowship Groups provide a welcoming space for individuals to bond, support one another, and embark on a journey of spiritual growth together. Whether you are new to the community or have been involved for years, our groups offer opportunities for everyone to find their place and form meaningful friendships.

Exploring Faith and Beliefs

In our Fellowship Groups, we delve deep into matters of faith, exploring diverse perspectives and engaging in thought-provoking discussions. We provide a safe environment where individuals can freely express their opinions, ask questions, and learn from one another. Our committed leaders facilitate these conversations, ensuring a respectful and inclusive space for all.

Wide Range of Fellowship Groups

Renton Community Church offers an array of Fellowship Groups designed to cater to various interests and stages of life. Whether you are a young adult seeking guidance, a family looking to connect with others, or a senior searching for companionship, we have a group for you.

The Young Seekers

Join our vibrant group of young adults who are seeking to deepen their faith while navigating the challenges of everyday life. Through discussions, Bible studies, and community service, The Young Seekers explore the intersection of faith and contemporary issues, fostering personal growth and lifelong friendships.

Family Circle

The Family Circle Fellowship Group is dedicated to building a network of support among families within our congregation. Through shared experiences, fellowship, and parenting resources, families come together to create lasting bonds and strengthen their faith. Join us for gatherings, outings, and engaging discussions centered around the joys and struggles of raising children in a nurturing Christian environment.

Silver Linings

Our Silver Linings Fellowship Group offers a warm and supportive community for seniors looking to connect and explore the spiritual dimensions of aging. Together, we navigate life's transitions, celebrate milestones, and engage in activities that promote lifelong learning and well-being. Join us for enlightening discussions, outings, and intergenerational events that bring joy and purpose to our lives.

Join a Fellowship Group Today

No matter where you are in your faith journey, Renton Community Church invites you to join one of our vibrant Fellowship Groups. Experience the richness of a diverse and welcoming community of believers who are ready to embrace you. Connect, grow, and build lasting friendships as we share in the transformative power of faith and love.

For more information and to find the perfect Fellowship Group for you, please visit our Fellowship Groups page on the Renton Community Church website. We look forward to welcoming you to our community!

Molly Berta-Gorbel
So grateful for the opportunity to be part of a community that values personal growth and connection.
Nov 8, 2023
Andria Hovatter
These Fellowship Groups offer a safe space for individuals to come together and share in the joy of faith.
Oct 19, 2023
Earl Gerfen
I appreciate the inclusive nature of these groups, catering to the unique needs of individuals.
Oct 6, 2023
Darryl Humes
🙌🌈 Join our community, grow together in faith 🙏✨
Oct 4, 2023
Brendan Desetti
The concept of fellowship groups is fantastic - it provides a sense of belonging and support.
Sep 10, 2023
Lou Braun
Diverse and inclusive - what more could we ask for in a community setting?
Jun 19, 2023
Yu-Teh Li
I love the idea of forging lasting connections through shared faith and experiences.
Mar 19, 2023
Marius Bosman
I'm eager to explore the different Fellowship Groups available at Renton Community Church.
Dec 10, 2022
Kevin Stanton
I'm so excited to join one of these fellowship groups! It's great to be part of a community that embraces diversity.
Sep 11, 2022
Annelise Loevlie
Looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and growing in faith together.
Jun 4, 2022
Hiren Delvadia
The Fellowship Groups at Renton Community Church sound like a wonderful way to build meaningful relationships.
Apr 26, 2022