Bingo Knights are a group of people that love to play bingo.

Bingo Knights Review – Is It Worth It?

Isn’t it strange that the topic has absolutely nothing to do with the act of playing bingo? Check. Graphics that are nice, welcoming, and innocent, but that are also rather plain and rudimentary? Check. What do you call a bog standard website design and layout? Check. On the surface, Bingo Knights doesn’t seem to be a bingo website that is going to provide anything particularly unique or interesting. Sure, there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with it – in fact, it’s one of the most visually appealing and professionally designed digital gaming sites we’ve had the pleasure of examining. However, there isn’t much that shouts ‘this is something really, truly unique, so please get up and pay attention’.

On its own, the webpage is very clean and minimalistic. There aren’t too many box outs, and the designers have avoided the temptation of producing a website that’s mentally comparable to a Venn diagram by allocating a decent amount of space to each one of them. The lead picture is a slider that is rotating, which is an improvement over some other sites that have failed to turn on the mechanism that allows the lead image to change every few seconds as is the case with some others. There aren’t many graphics here, possibly just two or three, and they all tout the same offer — a free cash payment simply for joining up for the service. What they do have in common, though, is the lovely little picture that goes along with the prompt—one of a knight jousting, another of a princess, and a third of a knight outside a castle in the middle of the night.

There are more boxes to check.

There are only two promotional box outs below this level of play. One advertises a new sign-up incentive, while another advertises a bonus for bingo and slots. This is crucial to remember for a couple of different reasons. In the first place, it verifies that there are slots available in addition to bingo; however, the second, and more regrettable, is the fact that there is a second sign up bonus that is genuinely distinct from the first. It’s so intricate, in fact, that we’ll have to deal with it in a whole other part of the review since dealing with it now will make the rest of this introduction much longer and more difficult to understand.

The last area of the webpage is titled Popular Games, and the creators are referring to video slots in this section. According to the appearance of the thumbnails that are scrolling past us in a row, we’re quite convinced these are real people. So, there you have it: the homepage, which, as previously said, is quite ordinary fare. Oh, and that’s on top of a top row of menu options you can click on to jump straight to various areas of the website- Instant Play, Games, Banking, Promotions, Contact Us, Join Now, Live Help, and a phone number (with a US dialing code), which is a welcome addition because it’s usually necessary to find a specific area of the website in order to get anywhere near telephone numbers.

Let’s go to work now that the design is complete.

If you choose the first of the top menu row choices – Instant Play – you will be required to have a subscription in order to view most of what is available. As a result, let’s skip over this section and go on to Games. Bingo Games and Casino Games are both available under separate tabs on this page. So it’s evident that this is going to be the case for the vast majority of games.

When it comes to bingo games, there are really just a small amount available, especially when compared to other websites of this kind that we have evaluated in the past. There are four distinct bingo rooms shown, each with a different buy in requirement, with one of them giving a free buy in, which will undoubtedly prove popular if it’s a week before payday and you’re in desperate need of some bingo action.

Slots are assigned to categories.

Below these are the slot games, which are divided into the following categories: Featured Slots, Mini Slots, Line Slots, and 5 Line Slots, among others. The reason for this is because some more experienced gamers will already have a favorite sort of slot machine, and skipping directly to the chase (or should that be cutting?) will be beneficial to them. Needless to say, this is an efficient method of saving time while also eliminating the headache of selecting what you want among a large number of distinct game varieties. If that’s what you’re thinking.

Video Poker is available underneath this, and we have to mention that it is one of the most extensive collections of video poker we have ever seen. Everything from All American to Double Joker to Bonus Poker to Bonus Poker Deluxe to Deuces and Jokers to Wild, Jacks or Better to Joker Poker to Tens or Better- and that’s not including the Mini Video Poker Machines- are available. Everything from All American to Double Joker to Bonus Poker to Bonus Poker Deluxe to Deuces and Jokers to Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better to Joker Poker to Tens or Better is available. As you can see, there’s a lot of video poker action going on here. Even more, everything is of really high quality.

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